Brave reward recovery from old phone

I bought a new phone…how do i recover my brave rewards from my old phone to the new one(its unverified).

@Claudio_ziks there’s no official way to do this right now. The only official way would be to have your device Verified.

That said, the one slim bit of hope in moving it to a new device would be to have done a backup of your apps and app data from your device and then to restore it to your new device.

Examples of some of the options to be done are discussed at

The only thing is I can’t say if any of them work, as nobody has ever returned to say they tried it or if they had success.

On Desktop, it would be as simple as just moving your \brave-browser folder to a flash drive and then putting it on to your new Desktop. Unfortunately, Mobile is more complex and has no official way of doing this.

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Thanks…its worth a try. I just pray it works. Cant loose my rewards a 2nd time

@Claudio_ziks did you ever try? If so, what was the result?

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