Brave reward profile flagged and locked for months

Hello, my Brave profile is flagged for months now (it’s the second time). I use brave on several devices (MacOS, Android and Debian), and i often use VPNs with wireguard (which might be the main issue).
Is there a way to unlock my profile ?


You can contact Brave support and appeal. You can use the link below.
But, be aware that it is unlikely that they will unflag your profile.

Thank you for your help Rodrigue :slight_smile:

I just wanted to let you know that I had the same problem for YEARS… and after contacting support for the 2nd time, my uphold account notified me that I received a payment of BAT from brave. There was no explanation given to me, or how to avoid this issue in the future. I was using the BRAVE browser ever since it first launched, and missed out on so many rewards because of this…

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