Brave reward please resolve this

My may month earing was 6.105 bat coins but only receiving 0.16 bat coins. Please resolve this.

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I think you used VPN to receive ads. So maybe it’s not confirmed.

This has already been acknowledged by Brave and they are investigating, hoping to resolve it in time for payments but there’s no guarantee. I had created an announcement about it that you can see at PSA: Low Payout Amount

Nah, that’s not the problem. There’s a server side issue going on again. Brave has been having some difficulties with ads being reconciled for Users. It’s been escalated and they are having teams trying to figure it out to prevent issues in the future. Though that is easier said than done.

Hoo… Ok… The reason is i want to reset my phone… But i couldn’t because only in fractional parts bat coins are being paid… I am postponing my reset task to next months… Since 3 months i am paid only in decimals…

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