Brave reward payment query

I have not received my brave reward payments for the last 4 month’s and not a response from you on the last query.

Windows 10 Brave v162 165

**Who is your verified custodian Uphold

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your best option is to file a ticket at

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I have this issue too with Uphold. Submitted a ticket. Hopefully the answer will be more than just face value words/community threads and no-impact of “working on ABC, for now connect to XYZ”. And, it was articles that I already read before reaching out but I gave that Brave team/staff member the benefit of the doubt. That’s what happened to me last I reached out via ticket asking how to connect with my Gemini account being in a supported region. But just wanted to say, you’re not alone my Brave-user friend.

I also have a ticket open. I haven’t received payment since October Rewards.

Usually you get one of four types of responses.

  1. They need more information. Please provide __.

  2. Your account has been flagged and wont be reinstated. (in other words, permanently banned/suspended and you won’t be getting anything)

  3. Your account has been reinstated and you’ll receive earnings in the next payout. However, you won’t receive any payments for the time you were flagged. (In other words, you can’t earn while flagged, so you’d have no earnings for all the time flagged)

  4. The issue has been resolved and you should receive your payment in the next payout period.

That’s because Gemini is down. This is all due to actions by Gemini and not something Brave has control over. So they really couldn’t give you any type of solid answer. And they try not to communicate anything in a way that makes Gemini look bad. Whereas I, as another User, just straight up called them out on it and mentioned how Gemini is struggling right now with lawsuits, changing regulations, etc. So chances of people connecting to Gemini again is not looking good, though may eventually occur.

Have you tried reaching out to Uphold directly?

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