Brave reward page or settings

Last week I can still visit the reward page to check the pending reward bat. But suddenly I can no longer visit it. If I click the settings > Create a wallet page appears with " Yes I’m in" button. I tried to click it because I have no choice but it keeps on loading.


Please help. What should I do? I’m still seeing and clicking ads. Will they be counted and recorded? thanks

Please delete this post and open a new one. Your internals here are private info, only share it with staff members.

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I can’t delete it. I don’t have a permission.

It should appear three dots at the end of your post, click on them and a trash icon should appear.

If you had already tryied that and it says you don’t have permissions, well maybe is due to you are a new user here. While an admin comes here just edit your post and delete those screenshots.

@Mattches is there any restriction for new users? And by the way, can you help in this user case?

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I forgot that there is an edit button. Now I have edited everything. thanks man for helping me.

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My problem is already fixed. thanks
I don’t know how to this topic/thread.

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