Brave Reward not linking to uphold wallet

I am not able to link my uphold wallet to my brave rewards. Once I click verify wallet and continue with uphold, it just shows your request is being processed and then sends me back to brave rewards page. I have been for weeks and am stuck in this loop.

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Hi @salienthope welcome to Community :smiley:

Do you have more than 4 wallets connected to your Uphold account?

I only have one linked on uphold and ots brave yet every month my brave rewards don’t show up unless I get on here. Thats why I’m here now

Where is My BAT gone which was pending untill yeasterday. Now it is not showing anywhere.
It says that after calculating it will be shown as “Claim now”. But it is not showing anywhere.
I verified my wallet today. Is that possible that it got disappeared because of that?
I am new here, please guide me.

No, I have absolutely zero wallets connected.

I claimed my rewards successfully. Now It is shown as “Your Balance” on the right side of the address bar. Thank you Brave…

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