Brave reward not going into Gemini account (Error: Region not supported)

My wallet money is not going to my linked Gemini account. Error: Region not supported


sir same isshu facing from india


Do we have any alternative ?

same problem please fix this soon

Same for Romania. It worked past month, and now didnt work. Why this change right now ? And the uphold limitations still not raised like you promised it will be at the end of april. :rage:

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I’m from India and I’m facing the same problem. What I don’t understand is how come those who didn’t unlink their Gemini account can use it without any problem even though they are from the same region.


So how can I get my earning in brave since we cannot allowed to used Gemini and Uphold?


Perhaps @Aman_M will be able to assist you.

You might read his post:

and the post after that, by @Saoiray.

May also interest:

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