Brave reward Jan never arrived even when its saying its arrived in browser


2 days ago, my Browser said Congrats, January rewards have arrived. My Gemini account was signed out at the time and while I was signing back in I had a promotion to solve some icon dragging that I solved for 5BAT which I solved before logging back in to Gemini (I’m mentioning this in case this is somehow related), I did receive those 5BAT afterwards. However, I believe I had about 2.6-2.7 BAT in my account that never got deposited despite the browser saying its been added.

its still showing till today that my Jan rewards arrived…

I am not sure where you were located but do a favor and update in 8 to 12 hours if you can. I am assuming that Gemini will show your updated balance way before then. What tend to happen is you get one notification which is showing that it’s been paid out but then you have the other place, which would be Gemini, that has to update things on their end. So there can be a small delay in that.

So I waited about a day and its still showing the same thing for me, the Brave rewards Tab shows Congrats you January rewards etc… and my Gemini account doesnt have any deposit other than the 5BAT on Jan7.

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