Brave Reward, here i want to ask doubt regarding payout being processing procesure

Your +xxx BAT payout will begin processing in 5 days here I want to ask that if I get reset my pc today will this reward will be credited in Gemini wallet or not because the processing days are there so ,I loss reward or it will be credited after processing days over that’s I want to ask.

Do you absolutely need to reset your PC? I suggest eaiting it over.

But if you must, you can try saving the appdata folder of Brave just to be sure. Its not 100% though.

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I would think if it is backed up to Gemini it should be sent over there? If the Pc was turned off rewards would still be sent, so not sure what the difference would be if the Pc was reformatted and just sitting in cyber space. However, to be absolutely safed I’d just wait it out for a few days after processing begins to be sure.

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