Brave reward error, stucks on loading

I got brave reward, when i click redeem button it stucks on loading. and after some time it shows message like.

Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding, We will fix this as soon as possible.

Close/end the application process on your device and relaunch and see if this changes the behavior.

How long you get free grant bat rewards dude? I’ve been install brave for 1 month but i never get grants untill now :frowning:

Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what it is you’re asking – are you asking how frequently BAT grants are disseminated?

Yes sir i mean since install brave untill now estimate 1 month didnt get any grants sir

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I have the exact same problem. I have setup my uphold account and as soon as it was connected it did the above. I tried relaunching brave, disconnect, close app, reconnect…nothing works.

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