Brave reward contributions not received

Hi there,

This is Shreyansh, I’m a brave reward account holder, and I have linked my YouTube channel ‘Tech Next’ to my account to receive the contributions and hence I had sent a tip of 15 BAT and my four friends had sent a tip of 15 BAT each to my channel through Brave reward program, but I have received only 28.74 BAT in place of 75 BAT, so can you please check out the error, because I have not received all the contributions, even though it is my right, so where my contributions had gone, please check it out and do reply too. I’m very upset with this serious bug, no one is solving this problem. I want my contributions.

Thanks for your time.

Same thing happened with me i had 95 brave tokens 4 of my friend received free grant of 20 bat each and sent me a tip but my token balance increased to 114 from 95 . 4 friends sent a total of 80 tokens and i received only 19. Referred more friends after that they started receiving 15 tokens as free grant and i receive random amount as a tip sometimes 2-4 bat. Dont know what is happening, stopped referring now.

Same thing happened with me ,so how to solve it.

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