Brave responds to this RSS feed differently than IE or Firefox


Hi there,

I am new to Brave as of today, and already like it quite a bit!

I do however, like to visit the following page to download the daily podcast.
The page loads in IE and Firefox such that I am able to see recent podcasts and then right click on the hyperlinks
in order to download the .mp3 file.

With the Brave browser, things seem to go differently, and instead of displaying a page like the other browsers,
it brings up the File Save dialog box, proposing to save the file Alex.rss

This is not as desirable for me, but also it is a different response than what I get from the other popular browsers.

I have tried and experienced this on two (2) Windows machines.
One is Windows 7 Professional on desktop with an Intel i5 and 8 gigabytes of RAM.
The other is Windows 10 Home edition on my Acer Iconia tablet (32-bit, x86-based Atom CPU Z2760 processor)
with 2 gigabytes of RAM.

If you try the link above in IE and Firefox, as well as Brave, you will hopefully see what I am talking about.

Thank you,


Are you sure you got the address correct? It didn’t work in any browser for me. worked just fine in Brave though.


Hi Alex,

I think the fact that the Brave browser responds differently than IE and Firefox is potentially helpful for your developers to know, because even if they feel the Brave browser is responding correctly, thus proposing to save the .rss file (rather than display the page like the other two browsers), there could be an issue down the road that is more of a “show stopper”, thus I felt the distinction was important.

The link I sent may have stopped working temporarily because Infowars is notorious for its Denial of Service attacks. I noticed that the link stopped working just as soon as I posted it to your database. But then it seemed to start working again.

The link you sent works. How did you arrive at adding the /daily/ at the end? The reason I ask, is I think that may be the key to the different response I was getting from the Brave browser.

Thanks again,

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