Brave resizing, typing issues and stat updating



I`m glad Brave is here, fully in operational and stuff.

However, I noticed that there might be some improvement on below:

  1. While resizing, I drag the window size to my preferred. The area for mouse to drag the window size seems to be only a pixel wide, which irritates when I try to grab it.
  2. I noticed (on facebook) that when I type and want to make a correction in text the cursor disappears. Also I have to backspace to the place I want to correct, removing all the text. That means I need to delete the text, It doesn`t allow me to “type in the middle of the txt”.
  3. I was wondering if there is an option to “zero” stats on removed adds, tracker blocked, etc? Also, it would be super awesome to - maybe - make total stats in small numbers underneath of these things blocked “this month or today”?

good work guys regardless to above!

kind regards

  1. Issue logged here
  2. Issue logged here
  3. Issue logged here


Thank U :sunglasses:

U guys`re the best!

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