Brave repeatedly unusable due to “ERR_INVALID_(THING)”


I downloaded Brave for macOS at the start of this new year.

While Brave has functioned good the most part, there have now been three instances (including right now) where Brave completely ceased operating.

This first occurred, I think, three days ago, in which I had to totally uninstall Brave (including all folders, log files, etc. in its Application Support).

At this time, Brave is again totally useless: I cannot even access Google:

The error messages are always version of “ERR_” then another word or words (I am unable to remember others not “INVALID_HANDLE,” and do not have screen captured).

There are many things I like about Brave, including its modernity, responsiveness, significant user preferences, the UI, etc. It is a neat browser.

But I am going to have to use Safari and Chrome as regular browsers if the Brave developers cannot offer solution to have this problem cease from occurring.

I do not have any of these issues with Safari or Chrome.

I am trying to be calmly neutral in my tone, but seriously, this is fucking ridiculous to have multiple instances in recent days where Brave is totally unusable.

I do not want to constantly uninstall, reinstall, redo preferences, etc.

I am using Brave stock, without any extensions or plug-ins.

Brave continues to be unusable, but has this new error message: “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”:

I am unable to remember if that is one of the aforementioned non-“INVALID_HANDLE” messages given, but hours later: Brave unusable.

Google continues to be usable in Safari and Chrome.

This indicates to me a DNS issue – Brave is complaining that that it cannot resolve the name “”. Question: what are you using as your DNS servers. It’s not or, by chance?

I cannot explain why Safari and Chrome are able to reach the DNS servers and Brave is not. This would take hands on analysis. I can only say that I use Brave on MacOS and don’t have this problem (I have others), so there’s likely some configuration issue on your machine. It could be that there’s some web site you are visiting that is doing something to the Brave configuration (or it contains 3rd party contents that are doing something). Just guessing here.

My DNS server isn’t in the range you have specified; I used free online DNS server lookup, it says my DNS server is all good.

Safari and Chrome do not have any issue; I have really only used Brave for Twitter (which I am able to use with Safari and Chrome).

The Brave version I am using is most recent 1.18.78.

And the error message is now the “ERR_INVALID_HANDLE” again:

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