Brave repeatedly looses connection, especially to facebook

I try to publish a posting for a local cultural association (all are working unpaid, we organize monthly marketsquare concerts), but repeatedly loose access, so the uploaded photo disappears, linked band-pages turn from test links into mere text (partly incomplete and with a not facebook-typical introducing “@”, both necessary to have the link being created). So I not only have to try to post it over and over again, but also to recreate all those parts, meanwhile some 20 times with no result, a quite exhausting hour of resultless work. And in another tab where I try to check that page for some detail information, all brave manages to show (after that circular arrow symbol stops rotating) is nothing but plain white. Without any error hint aso., as if no content at all was a proper result.

Cache is empty, all unnecessary cookies are deleted, open tabs reduced. Please don’t tell me this means I have to get used to restarting this browser once or twice every hour.

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