Brave reopens after closing


Hello Brave Community!

I was hoping someone could assist me with a weird issue. I am currently using a Macbook OS Sierra 10.12.6
with latest version of Brave(0.21.18). I have noticed that every time I quit Brave(Cmd + Q), Brave closes and then re-opens again. After I do it again the second time, it stays closed, but it always happens the first time I press the previous keys. I was not able to find anything in the forums, online, or any type of setting within Brave. Has anyone experience the same issue? Or is this a feature embedded deep down in Brave? I have re-installed the browser as well and restarted the computer. I am also running on the latest version of Mac OS Sierra.

Thank you in advance for any help!


I have seen the same thing on my Macbook running High Sierra 10.13.4 and my PC running Windows 10. I even opened a bug several months ago, but never got a response. Fortunately, this idoesn’t block me from doing anything, it is just a minor inconvenience (to me, YMMV).

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