Brave reinstall vs Brave portable.

Say I want to reinstall Brave on new Windows installation. One way is to install Brave then manually install all the extensions and then manually set each estension the way it was before.

But it turns out there’s a portable verion of Brave:

According to that link, I don’t need to do anything else only install Brave and them move the Brave appdata folder and all the extensions and their settings will be preserved. Am I right?

Alternatively, is there a way to sync, move or archive the extensions and their individual configurations between differend PC or Win installations?

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Hey @karol !

This application is not officially supported, use it at your own risk.

Officially, there is no way of accomplishing what you are attempting to do.

I hope that helped explain!


Nono, I’m no asking for “how to make brave portable” guide.

I’m asking if I can copy old appdata Brave directory into a fresh Brave installation on fresh Windows and have the old extensions and their configurations preserved that way?

Hey @karol !

Unfortunately, no this cannot be done. Transferring files between Brave installation is likely to corrupt your wallet / data.


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