Brave regularly loses a window



When I get the “Brave is ready to update, click to relaunch” notification, Brave almost always loses one of my two windows. In other words, I have 2 windows open, I have the “Brave starts with” option set to “My windows / tabs from last time”. When brave restarts, it has only 1 window. If I try “History > Reopen Last Closed Window” I get a new empty window.

I’m running macOS 10.12.5.


Hi @chmac

Could you provide some additional details so I can try to reproduce? Do either of your windows have pinned tabs and/or private tabs? About how many tabs do you have on each window? Any other details you think might be helpful?

Also, did this occur with the last update to 0.18.14?



I only have 2 windows open, one has maybe 5-10 tabs, the one that always gets dropped has 2-8 I’d guess. Last time it had 3 tabs. None pinned, none private. I don’t have any pinned or private tabs at all in brave. Yes, it happened with the most recent update which pushed me to finally get around to reporting it.

There’s no easy way for me to recover the tabs unless I remember them. I use brave for github issues + documentation only, other browsers for other stuff. I always have open as the first tab, I refer to that all the time. So the page was opened a long time ago, and is therefore buried in my history. When the “reopen recently closed tabs” state is lost, no easy way to recover it except from memory. :slight_smile: