Brave refusing to reinstate my rewards account after repeatedly flagging, connecting, and disconnecting

This and some other things have been getting discussed for a while. Just like it had been through that when making people choose their country, it would lock them into seeing those ads regardless where they go. I mean, they would have to be connected to a custodial partner that’s using their passport and all to verify their location, right?

But as much as it was being discussed, it wasn’t implemented along with some of these newer changes. I think part of the issue right now is they have some much bigger changes that they have hinted about being on the way. As a result, they just are maintaining the older system until they can roll out newer and improved methods. And since there’s no guarantee or ETA on it yet, they don’t want to speak too much on it.

The little hints we’ve been given came from Brendan Eich and Luke Mulks, who have said they are working on releasing on chain payments. Brave’s legal team had always pushed to say they needed to use a 3rd party and couldn’t pay directly due to potential legal issues. That said, discussions have been occurring between where Brave really stands on that spectrum and if Brave can send out payments without the 3rd party or even requiring KYC/AML, just so long as Brave isn’t working as a money exchanger.

That said, it’s been going back and forth within Legal and other departments to make sure it can be done and there’s no risk of violating any regulations, policies, or laws in any place that could have serious negative impacts. But based on their current thoughts and understandings, they may be able to do something like on chain Solana payouts where nobody would have to KYC/AML.

Long winded reply here to say I think it’s just that they are really engaged in trying to make things work while also expanding on other functions, such as trying to get Pay With BAT and everything working. Hence the delays and uncertainty, as well as them playing it safe while we’re seeing issues around the world.

You have seen like where Binance, Gemini, and others are pulling out of countries like Netherlands, Canada, etc…right? The world has gotten crazy in recent years, especially after the big FTX fiasco.

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