Brave Refuses to open Windows 10


When I attempted to open brave nothing happened so I looked at the task manager and Brave is opening, it shows up on the task manager but then immediately disappears, and sometimes under the status tab it says “suspended”. There are no error messages, just a loading circle on the mouse and then nothing. I have no idea whats wrong It was working fine the day before and now it just does not open. Any help would be appreciated.


Can you kill the running task in task manager, reboot machine and try launching again? You might have to look for suspended ghost process and kill them as well.


When I try to open brave the tasks only appear in the task manager for a few seconds, then they go away I have tried looking through the task manager for anything related to Brave that might be causing the problem but there isn’t anything. As for rebooting the machine I have done that a few times and still nothing.


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