BRAVE REF PROGRAM ENDING - What now? What does the future of Brave hold?

First of all I am very grateful to be a verified Creator with Brave and that I had the chance to be exposed early to the great features of the Browser and the BAT Token.

I am still want to promote Brave to friends, family and my followers on Social Media and of course I want to leave the links to it on my Website.

But I got few Questions I need to ask, and I am sure many other want to know this too!
I was wondering what will happen with the ref links will they totally be useless and stop working?
Do I need to update anything now that the REF Program is ending, and will there be any other ways to collaborate and Partner up with Brave and get involved in the near future.

I am sure that the Team has new plans and it just makes sense to continue the momentum that Brave gained this year, it would highly be appreciated to get some insights and more details.

Best regards and salute to the Brave Team :slight_smile:


As stated in their blog,,

Now we are planning a new referral program adapted to our scale and to our community. We hope to share details in early 2021. In the interim, and to facilitate the transition, a select number of referrers will assist Brave.

it looks like the referral program will return in 2021 for everyone with some changes. They may add requirements to join referral program like minimum number of subscriber/visitors or change referral rates, etc.

As far as I know, your referral link will work and the visitors will be able to download brave but it won’t be counted as your referral, it behaves like normal download link.

If so, can we even earn BAT

An important person in Brave told me it´s gonna be totally different one. They will take special attention to rewarded the browser user, and we, the publishers will not be so important as we used to be for them.

Brave allocated% of BAT to the referral system. With the total supply reached there are no longer BATs available in the referral system, so in the future if they do something it will be very limited and temporary.

very possible, I do understand that the limit for BAT is reached, but I am very certain that Brave wants to continue the momentum and traction generated and keep the Creators and Referral Partners running, the question is what kind of rewards are they planning to implement now :slight_smile:
That is why I brought up the Topic.


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