"Brave Redemption Token"




Basic idea

  1. Site visitor can generate a “Brave Redemption Token”
  2. Site owner can redeem the token to provide something (i.e. premium content)


I operate a small site offering vector maps for download.
The site doesn’t generate siginificant income (< 5$ a month) and is a spare time project. I use it basically to triage some ideas.

Even it doesn’t generate income I want users too “pay” in some way (0 Bat would be fine, it just should cost some kind of effort).

My current implementation uses Coinhive, so the user has to generate a one-time download token.
But there are some problems with this:

  • I will never generate any income using this method
  • Very bad reputation of crypto miners and Coinhive in particular…

I also registered the site ~6 month ago with brave (zero income so far from this).

So my idea is:

  • Offer an additional option to directly start the download paying with BAT (i.e. 0 Bat, 1 Bat, X Bat)

About Brave Redemption Token

  • Can contain any amount of BAT
  • Can be redeemed multiple times
    • BATs are transfared only once (or multiple times??) at redemption time (maybe must be blocked, when the token is generated)
    • (Use case: allow downloading a file more than once)
  • invalidates itself if not used after X time units
  • can be bound to a specific site (only site owner can redeem the token)

Basic workflow (example)

  1. User clicks a button
  2. Site owner requests a token from the browsers
  • Parameter: BATs (fixed, multiple options, range)
  • Parameter: max. usages
  • Parameter: title and description
  • (Parameter: some site secred, so only the site owner can redeem, could be provided from Brave server backend)
  1. Users gets some Brave browser popup asking to generate a token
  2. Site owner gets the token
  3. Site owner generates a download link, containing the token
  4. User clicks the link
  5. Site owner validated the token
  6. User gets the download