Brave realmente Paga o es solo publicidad engañosa? Brave pays or is it misleading advertising?

Brave paga o es publicidad engañosa? me decian en a configuracion de Brave Rewards que el pago seria el 5 Marzo, Hoy ya e 6 de Marzo y en esa misma parte me aparece que el proximo pago sera el 5 de Abril. O sea extendieron 1 mes mas el tema de pago sin haberlo echo efectivo, realmente paga? Por que si es publicidad engañosa no se tendria que hacer una denuncia al ente del consumidor correspondiente???
A ver que responde la gente del navegador si toma cartas en el asunto por que estoy viendo a varios usuarios que estan diciendo lo mismo en varios foros de internet.

Brave pays or is it misleading advertising? They told me in the Brave Rewards configuration that the payment would be on March 5, Today and March 6 and in that same part it appears to me that the next payment will be on April 5. That is, they extended the payment issue 1 month more without having made it effective, does it really pay? Why if it is misleading advertising would not have to make a complaint to the corresponding consumer entity ???
Let’s see what the browser people respond if they take action on the matter because I am seeing several users who are saying the same thing in various internet forums.

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