Brave rashes after 1 or 2 minutes since update to 1.3.113

Updated Brave today, soon after it started crashing after 1 or 2 minutes of usage. Nothing specific triggers it.

Just hoping to draw attention to this.

Brave Version: 1.3.113

I apologize I didn’t see the other thread about this, but it is still an issue for me. Also bookmarks are extremely messed up.

You didn’t write which thread have seen but with big probabilities this thread can help you: Brave crashes immediately

There are two patches 114 and 115. Try these and then can post again here.

Thanks, updated to 115 and no problems. Hopefully sync can be re-enabled soon.

@isaacbraun let us know if you have any issues with 115! And thanks so much for testing :slight_smile:

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