Brave randomly redirects or loads particular site (

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***I seem to be having a similar issue as reported earlier on this forum by @akaGeekgirl ***

At random intervals, when I open a new site (e.g, it loads successfully, then suddenly redirects to
On clicking the back button, it goes back to, then it redirects again to the same site.
Click the back button the third time, then Brave starts blocking the redirect from occuring temporarily until I leave that site ( or click on any thing on
An icon shows up in the address bar indicating that Brave is actively blocking that redirect from happening.

So far, it has happened on,,, I’m not sure the site I’m visiting matters. It just happens randomly.
Even after clearing cache, history, cookies, active logins, site settings, etc (basically everything except saved passwords)

Brave Version: Version 1.52.129 (Chromium: 114.0.5735.198)

Additional Information
I’m using the brave-bin build from Arch User Repository on EndeavourOS

I know nothing about Linux, but I would ask why you’re not getting it from the official sources?

I’ll tag in @JimB1 in case he might have more to say on that, as he’s quite knowledgeable about Linux than I.

  • Have you tested without extensions?
  • Checked for malware/adware?
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Brave has no official sources for Arch-based Linux except the Snap. But Snap packages take forever to launch (a good chunk of Linux users really dislike Snap for different reasons LOL)

I haven’t tested it without extensions.

I don’t understand how to do that. Is it a functionality within Brave?

Unless someone embedded a element of, That said, is a dead site now.

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Thanks, I finally got around to testing the extensions randomly (Imagine attempting to toggle 12 extensions individually :laughing:)

I tested and had the same issues on Brave for Debian.
It appears the issue was a faulty extension called Privacy Redirect (it redirects sites like Youtube to Invidious, Reddit to Teddit, etc).
It seems to have developed a bug where instead of only redirecting the embedded portion of a detected youtube video, it redirects the entire page when it detects an embedded youtube content, unless you turn on a setting instructing it to only redirect embedded content (but, then it won’t redirect full youtube pages).

So, was simply listed as an Invidious instance for whatever reason. It doesn’t exist right now.

Turning Off/Removing that extension or replacing it with an alternative like Libredirect solves the problem in my case.
I don’t know if @akaGeekgirl has the same issue

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