Brave randomly causes cinnamon windows to stop responding

I enjoy the Brave browser very much, but there’s a small problem.
I use Debian with Cinnamon. And while the browser is open, Cinnamon (or, more specifically, its windows) sometimes stops responding to mouse and keyboard. I can’t even move or close windows. Only the panel works correctly.
The windows, however, keep operating. Any music or video keeps playing, If there’s a cursor in a text field, it keeps blinking. Everything works, I just can’t interact with it.
This state can last from a few seconds to about a minute. Then it goes back to normal.

When the problem manifests, it’s usually during switching windows. From Brave to a different program or back.
It was happening with Vivaldi as well… But never with Firefox.
I need help resolving this.

I searched for this problem, but found nothing useful for my case. If there’s more information I need to provide, please let me know.

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