Brave quitting and saying site is not reachable in the middle of world cup game

i am watching the game between Argentina and Croatia and all of a sudden brave needs to refresh the page then up pops a box that says the site cannot be reached timed out and when i tried again says check proxy or firewall this happened before with brave after downloading the new update to iMac Ventura 13.1 now i cannot even get to home page or any site on brave BRAVE BROWSER SUCKS THE BIG ONE I WILL NOW USE A DIFFERENT BROWSER… I GOT TO WATCH UP TO THE SEVENTY-MINUTE MARK OF THE GAME WITH NOW PROBLEMS THEN BRAVE GOES ON THE BLINK… I HAVE NOW DELETED BRAVE FROM MY IMAC I MAY NEVER INSTALL IT AGAIN JUST LIKE I HAVE BOYCOTTED CHROME BROWSER I WILL NOW BOYCOTT BRAVE… AND WHEN DO YOU HAVE A BROWSER THAT YOU CAN NOT GET IN TOUCH WITH THE MAKERS OF IT BUT HAVE TO TALK TO A COMMUNITY FOR CHRIST SAKE THAT IS REALLY SUPPORT
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