Brave quits when New Tab command issued without window


Looks like a simple bug. To make it happen, open Brave, then:

  1. Close all open tabs. After you do this, Brave should still be open (in macOS, you’ll see the “Brave” application menu) but there are no windows (confirm in the Window menu).
  2. Go to File > New Tab, or in macOS, type Cmd-T.

Et voilà! Brave quits.

But wait, there’s more! This may be related to another unexpected behavior: the ineffectiveness of the Open Location command (macOS = Cmd-L) when there is no open window. If there are no open windows and I type Cmd-L, I expect Brave to create a window and give focus to the location bar. But it does nothing. It was after this failed that I tried Cmd-T and found the bug.

Both New Tab and Open Location should create a new window if no window exists at the moment.

macOS 10.12.4 on Macbook Pro
Brave v0.15.0 rev 71fb730


Thanks for contributing this report.

Really appreciate the detail.

We’ll investigate and follow up.


Thanks again for contributing the report!

I’ve opened an issue in github for this, which you can track here:

I’m going to close this thread at this point, but feel free to follow up here or in github with any additional info or questions.

Thanks again!

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