"Brave quit unexpectedly" in MAC OS Maverick


I have BRAVE installed sometime middle of last year in my MAC OS Maverick.
“1 simple update” caused the browser to “Brave quit unexpectedly.” I have been updating Brave software for the past 6 months, but only to see the same results again, “Brave quit unexpectedly.”
This “1 simple update” is somehow persistently applied to all future updates causing Brave browser to crash crash crash.
It is becoming annoying that I cannot simply open Brave to access my Bookmarks.

BUG: doesn't work after update

Hi @jamesnguyen1919

Unfortunately the update to Chromium 64 caused this issue. We are targeting a fix for 1.0 (https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/12744#issuecomment-389224277). However, in the mean time, if you would like, you can download the last working version for 10.9.5 from here: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/releases/tag/v0.19.134dev

Once you download and install version 0.19.134, right click on the Brave.app icon and select ‘Get Info’. Then click on the ‘Locked’ checkbox. This will allow you to open up this version and not automatically update to the latest version. This way you can access your bookmarks. Do be advised if you do this you are not running the latest version and do not have the security updates so please browse very cautiously.