BRAVE questions


i have some questions:

  1. is brave more secure than chrome? (why)

  2. is brave more private than chrome? (why)

  3. when will i be able to use ublock origin, privacy badger and https everywhere

give me detailed information on these topics please if anybody cares and has knowledge…


For the first and second question the answer is yes, because it blocks ads, cookies, trackers this kinda thinks. Of course it is not said it is fully safe, it’s just protects you from analyzing algorithms and building profiles.

As for the third question, I think there are not necessary because brave has it’s bult-in Shield that blocks ads, cookies, trackers, etc. You can ask them to add these plugins but they will probably say no.

My answer is not really that accurate but this is what I can help with. I advise you to check their site for more information.


I can’t speak to the first two with anything but personal opinion.

As for the third, it has been stated that Brave will be based more on Chromium soon, so that it will have access to Google apps. I believe that’s set for this fall. For now, it’s still in beta.


Hi @cynical13, thanks for reaching out!
These questions overlap a lot with a sepearate topic where I addressed Brave Security vs Competing browsers with add-ons/extensions:

Hopefully this answers your questions. If not, feel free to respond or ask further questions and I’d be happy to address them!

Thank you for supporting Brave!


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