Brave Publishers Rewards

Hello, I did not receive my Brave Publishers Rewards for the month of January in my Uphold, I even sent my email to one of the admin that’s linked to my account yet I did not get a response. Please send my rewards as soon as possible. I hope all these issues will be solved.

Please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

I already emailed you a day ago, please check!

@Tatswa please see DM.

Yes I replied to your DM, it is contributions and not referral earnings and I did not change my password or anything, I did not even login to my account since the whole month so doing or changing anything is out of the question, the issue is from the side of Brave and not from my side since I’ve been receiving payouts normally for months before this.

Thanks @Tatswa for the additional information. Reviewing what could have caused this. Will have more info tomorrow.

Alright, Thank you for the help!

check my dm… i have same problem , dont receive my payment publisher… my account

hi @steeven publisher payment was made incomplete. Can you help with this. Check DM.

It’s been a day @steeven , please update me on the situation.

@Tatswa please see our DM. Please don’t open duplicate threads. Thanks.

Hello @steeven , it’s been another day, alot of days have passed and I haven’t received my rewards, please solve the issue as soon as possible as I already have to wait a month for rewards and now I have to wait even more to receive my rewards.

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