Brave Publisher & uphold

Hey all,

This is my first cycle and im a bit concerned my Uphold isnt linked correctly.

Is there any way to check? My uphold and Brave Publisher email addresses are different.

I have a decent sized payout this cycle and want to make sure i am going to get credited for it!

If you know your Uphold email address, you can create new Brave publisher account with the same email address and link it.
Or I think vice versa is also possible. :smile:
I too created publisher account with different email address. Later I created another Brave publisher account with the same email address used for Uphold. I have verified my website again and ownership transferred to my new publisher account. :relieved:

Thanks nayasd.

Would like some official feedback if possible.

Creating a second uphold will get your accounts frozen.

I’d rather not create a new publisher account for similar reasons. Also concerned it will mess with auto contributions that my viewers have set up.

I attempted to change my Publisher email, but i get an error when i click the confirmation link?

Ok i made a new publisher account, with my uphold email.

Says 10 days till ownership is transfered…

Now do i have to worry about losing my current pay out? Or will it goto the new account automatically?

@Tcrown, From the other thread, I see that you stopped transferring ownership to new publisher account. Looks like you are comfortable with different email addresses.

But still, curious to know,

@eljuno, When channel/website ownership is transferred, current payout will also get transferred to new publisher account?

Yes. The balance is connected to site/channel.

Also, your original concern seems already solved here Verified Publisher & Uphold - Different Emails, @Tcrown . Please avoid to create duplicate post. :grinning: