BRAVE Publisher Program Send me less amount

Hello Every month I earn around 700-800 BAT but I Got only 564BAT in my uphold dashboard and next month I did not get the remaining bat…please help me and also provide a proper solution for that so I can properly track it because every month i got -200BAT. what is the logic behind this?

Brave just keep hurting me :broken_heart:

BAT from contribution was suspended, it’s weird I don’t know why and it was after I gave @steeven email linked to my uphold Account

Ohh… it was a really sad dear @Daddy_yo.

how you so much BAT can you please share

I can’t understand what you want to say!

I think he (and me also) is asking. How can you get/earn so many BAT a month

And sure, i suggest to read this!

How you got 700 bat in a month

I am tech entrepeneur and we have website named technical jayendra and youtube channel as well so we promote this browser in video and content as well.

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Nice website and YT channel. You’re going to be BIG!

I like your:

Thank you so much @Rotblut.
Let me know about yourself

Hi @Daddy_yo, as mentioned in other threads, your case is being reviewed. Thanks!

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Hey, what about my problem?

@technicaljayendra - please DM me your email. Thanks!

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I DM My email but I did not get any response from your side.

@steeven iSSUE Was resolved thanks.