Brave Publisher Phone Dashboard Balances

Hi, I am new as Brave Publisher. I have registered with Brave as a publisher and added my YouTube Channel as verified Brave Publisher. I have also recommended some people to use Brave using my referral link. But I am still confused at the Balances at my Dashboard.

May I know what these balances mean?

  1. Balance on top left showing 71.36 BAT
  2. Payout progress of 69.7 BAT - I have just received this amount paid to my Uphold account. Is this Brave Browser Referral Bonus or User’s Tip to my Channel?
  3. Uphold Wallet Last Deposit of 35.90 BAT
  4. YouTube Channel Current Period 37.05 BAT. (How can I withdraw this?)

Anyone can explain to me please?:sweat_smile: !

Hello (again) @terrytan87 :wave::sweat_smile:

That’s a total BAT you received from previous month + this month (until today).

It’s include tip, contribution, and referral (if you have any). You can check your statement to see the details.

That’s the amount that your received in previous payout (April) for BAT you earned in March.

If it’s received in previous month, it should included in point 2. Again, check the statement for details.

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