Brave Publisher Dashboard not updating?!


first of all, thank you for brave!
I’m heavily promote brave in my area, family, friends and online.

I got tipped buy a few people via my twitter, reddit or even youtube account.

I have the issue that no tips showed up in my Dashboard. I do not know how much should show up, but I definitely know of 2 tips.

Any Idea what went wrong or the reason why they don’t show up?


Hi @punctio,

Welcome to community! Thanks for using Brave. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the tips being sent? It can take up to 24hrs for the dashboard to update.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Steeven,

Thank you, I’m already on board since a few months, but rewads just got added recendly.
I’m sorry, I’m not able to provide a screenshots of the tips done to me.

What I can tell is, that they have been made on mobile with the BAT grant. I know only of two.

But nothing showed up and it’s more than 24 hours.

Tip is not working in IOS now. Waiting for updating from Team!

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