I see you have ‘partnered’ with splinterlands and decided to run their ads stating ‘most popular blockchain game’.

Not by a long shot. I hope you can see the reaility as I explain below.

Splinterlands allows BOTS to play the game. If you ever played, you even ran into accounts named RU32-BOT, RU49-BOT etc…it’s perfectly fine. You can’t even speak up in their discord against it. So if you consdier bots as ‘real players’, making it ‘popular’?

Next consider these bots are playing every minute of every day. Real people don’t do that. Axie infinity for example, bans 1000’s of accounts for botting in the past. Now look at the 30 days ‘USERS’ on Axie (switch it to 30 days) = 13.7k users last 30 days.

Then look at splinterlands users for the last 30 days. = 9.14k users last 30 days.

Axie is at least 30% more players over the course of 30 days.

So where are YOU getting your data in where you promote they are the most popular? They simpley ARE not and you and your partners are COMPLANCENT in FALSE advertisting. Cherry picking data and ignoring the fact that your game is RIDDLED with bots.

Get real. Shame. False ads.

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