Brave Profile and OS changes

Hi all. I’m on Linux (Mint MATE 20.3) and have a question about my Brave Profile and how it works. I plan on sampling many distributions of Linux (pretty new to it. Won’t ever go back to the hell that is Windows) over the coming years, and was wondering how Brave profiles work. I’m concerned about my Rewards wallet, specifically. I am verified (Gemini), and think that the custodian will link seamlessly to any profile. How do profiles work? They must be tied to my device, and installing a new distro will create a new profile, right? But I thought I read that there can only be up to 4 profiles per wallet. There’s hundreds of Linux distro’s, so how will my rewards and wallet work once I exceed 4 profiles? Thanks for any insight.

4 device limit is removed two weeks back. Now you can verify as many as you want.

But, if you have 6 Mint on same device (or in VM) and all verified to Gemini, then the anti-bot algorithm of brave rewards will permenantly flag you due to suspicious activity.

Do whatever you want with as many as Mint installations but do verify all of them with gemini or even enable brave rewards if you are gonna only use that particular installation for one week. As payments are done via per month not per day.

So finalize the one or two installations and verify with only for it.

Awesome. Thanks. Didn’t know the limit was removed.

(2 weeks back, enjoy)

Sweet, @chh_68

Thanks for the answers.

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