Brave processing is not showing but bat deducted

I had 3.420bat as my feb earning but at mar 1 there in such message of brave rewards processing…but my bat deducted…dont know whether they will reflect in my uphold account or n


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Same thing happened to me.

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My bat were also almost halved but they didnt transfer to my account and it is not showing processing and some earning remained in my estimated earning

@steeven @SaltyBanana
Can you please check what is the issue?

@MOHAMMEDSUMER can you DM your wallet ID. Thanks.

Same thing happened to me, both in windows and android. halved, not showing processing and not transfer to my account.

my ads history is above, but my wallet activity is showing 0, I had ~1.5 BAT for the month of FEB.

+1 same thing happen drop from 2 bat to 0.700

Same. 28.02.2022 I have 3.100Bat but now 1.03.2022 1.390Bat its going down.I need Help.

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