Brave problems on Wikia Fandom websites


On this website:

And all similar ones, when the content blocking for Brave is on, the pages look this: . png

And the dropdown arrow isn’t there, even pressing where it’s stupposed to be doesn’t make the dropdown work, I have to disable all content blockers for them to appear and work, like this: . png

It’s really unpleasant and defeats the whole purpose of having such a browser, at this point I have to use the desktop version of the website to keep my content blocker running, please look into this and fix it.


Can you try pressing on the Brave lion in the top right corner when you go to one of these pages, and then disabling the shields? It could be that the ad-blocker shields are blocking something that causes this issue. Most of the time, this will resolve the issue.

If it does not, try with the shields ON, except with “Allow all cookies” enabled.

This is for Brave on Android, correct?

Let us know, thanks!


Yes it is for Android. Disabling shields makes the websites usable, but I am reporting this i hopes that in the future I won’t have to disable them and it will still work. Thank you.


yes i have seen many people posting this!