Brave problems are now annoying

Although brave has been closed to many places including Turkey for months and I have not used brave since it was closed, my account has been flagged, I am sending an e-mail, no quick response is provided.

The second problem is that I deleted all the brave applications and reinstalled them, until the flagged problem in my account is resolved, I thought I’d make a clean start, this time the ads are not showing properly

I wanted to open a new account in the uphold service we use, but I get the error that there was a problem while opening the account, and they do not respond to the mail all the time.

when exactly such problems will be fixed now it’s getting tired of these situations don’t send me a “brave help center” message because there is no quick return

You’ll need to raise a ticket with Uphold for Uphold related issues at

Uphold verification has been Re enabled for Turkey! Check for yourself at

What do you mean?

stop reading what i say with your ass dude

uphold doesn’t reply back brave also doesn’t provide early comeback

I don’t see an attitude there. Maybe you saw the one negatively because of the ! but that doesn’t mean yelling at you or negative. It can also mean excitement. Just looks like overall SmartyAadi was just trying to help.

If you saw it negatively, might mean your own advice would be good to follow. How we read what’s written usually comes down to how we interpret it. If we see things like what I’m saying here, as negative and condescending then that’s how we’ll read it. However, if we see it as calm, polite, and helpful (which is my intent), then we see that as well. It’s one of the “dangers” of responding to people in text, as it’s hard to discern the “tone of voice” being used.

How so? I can make a lot of assumptions but it would be helpful if you could explain in better detail, so we can give you more accurate answers.

Brave account or Uphold? If on Brave, that usually requires a Rewards Support Ticket for them to investigate and decide if it should be removed. If you’re speaking of Uphold restricting/flagging your account, then the Uphold support ticket would have to be placed like SmartyAadi mentioned earlier.

Keep in mind regardless of who you submit your ticket with, response times vary. They go based on the order they are received, which can be anywhere from hours to weeks. Then once they get to your ticket, the same “hours to weeks” timeframe can exist to research your issue and try to have a solution.

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