Brave Private with tor not working


I have recently installed Brave browser such a great browser but whenever i open private tab with tor ,start typing anything in the url bar it takes a while to show that “This site cannot be reached” and it says that “it toke too long to response” i did what is in the suggestion below this message i added brave to firewall trusted programs ,i am not using any vpn or proxy ,also i cannot open or access the settings of brave while i’m in private with tor mode (i don’t know if it’s normal or not), the only page that i can see is the welcome page of brave private with tor.

I have tried to relaunch the browser ,resetting the modem, even i turned off the firewall but none of those solution worked, i also looked up for the topics related to brave private with tor in this section but i didn’t find any similar problem.

I am using Windows 10 pro 64-bits ,and i have brave beta version latest version that I’ve just installed (64-bits).

here is a screeshot of the error that i get when i try to reach google.
and this is a screenshot of what appears when i open settings in Tor

Tor is a bit slow so retry with a new tor identity. Also try DDG

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