Brave Premium question, new subscriber

Hi. I have just subscribed to Brave Premium. Is this a ‘different browser’ thaT I need to open every time I search, or do I just use my normal ‘Brave’ and the ‘Premium’ features are there automatically? There were no instructions…

Hello @PhilipOZ

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to our community! About your question, to use brave premium you don’t have to use a “different browser” the difference is that with Brave Talk, calls are free and fully private for up to 4 people. However if you want to create calls for large groups, Brave Talk Premium offers call recordings, hosting tools like participant muting and entry passcodes, and more for calls with hundreds of people.

If you need additional information, please visit this link.

Hey there @PhilipOZ. Just as @Alice2095 mentioned, there’s absolutely no other browser or extension that you’ll be adding to use Brave Premium. It’s all included within your browser.

As to what you get, it all depends on which plans you signed up for. Currently there are two different Premium plans. Do you know which one(s) you chose?

Brave Talk Premium

If you go Premium, you can have hundreds of people per room, will be able to have passcodes for rooms, can silence participants, etc. And, one of the awesome benefits is that you can record calls and have Groupwatch for YouTube.

Whereas the free version of Brave Talk has a maximum of only 4 people per room. You also are restricted on moderator capabilities and all.

Brave Search Premium

This will be for those who don’t wish to see Search Ads. This primarily will be for people who aren’t participating in Rewards or who don’t care to earn BAT from Search Ads when it goes to that. Currently Search Ads don’t give BAT, so anyone using Shields won’t see ads on Brave Search. This will be changing before long, though.

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