Brave portable change profile location

Brave Version 1.46.144, Windows 10 pro

This 2 year old thread gives instruction for changing the profile location.

Is it possible to move Brave’s profile to another location on the same computer?

I followed the suggestions, but even tho the results of the running batch file said it was successful, all it did was put a fresh profile back in the original default location.

A search here seems to indicate it can no longer be done, but I found this video with a comment from just 2 months ago that says it was successful.

0129 Moving Brave browser profile folder to custom location (eg. Firefox, via symbolic link)

Is this no longer possible?

I did .bat file

with this result with this result

but, as I said, it just recreates a fresh profile in the original location instead of pointing the executable at my preferred location

Thanks for the lesson on symbolic links. I hope to be able ta take advantage of it in the future. This is my first introduction to the subject.

This is what my unzipped Brave Version 1.46.144 folder looks like, with the transferred BraveSoftware folder

Brave Folder

I created the shortcut with the command “N:\BRAVE PORTABLE\brave.exe” --user-data-dir=“N:\BRAVE PORTABLE\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data”

It works! Thanks so much!

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