Brave pop ups are relentless!


Can’t navigate to do anything without Brave pop ups taking over. Help!!! :persevere:


Hi, can you provide more information about what you are experiencing? Are you talking about ads for Brave popping up, for example, on your phone?

Or, are you referring to using the Brave browser and seeing popup ads as you browse?

If you mean the first, then please see this post:

If you are receiving random Brave ads while using your phone, it is because you have an app on your phone that is illegitimately exploiting Google’s mobile ad platform. Please see the above post for more information.

Thank you!


I had same problem too. How do I stop Brave Adblocker ads ??? Driving me crazy !!! I uninstalled ALL apps one by one and right at the end, and nearly trashed my Note 8, the app that was doing it for me was … Slick - Auto Background changer & Eraser. NO MORE ‘BRAVE’ HORRIBLE ADBLOCKER ADS !!! Hooray !!! But Now I’ve noticed another AD trying to get in there in place of the BRAVE AD not as annoying though, I will soon find that and also kick it out … I have iPhone 8 and because I have been so traumatised by google - android and friends with the BRAVE ADs… iPhone is now back in use. I haven’t as yet destroyed my Note 8 because of the ADS, because I really like the Note 8 and i am hoping there will be a solution to get rid of ALL ads for good. Looks like I’ll be using my iphone for quite a while though … :confused: SAMSUNG are going to lose a lot of customers because of the AD pandemic … APPLE must be laughing