Brave Poop Up Ad - Forced in Open New Tab Area ! Windows 10 ! complete distortion!

What is happening here ??? FORCED AD POOP UP TAB???

Id love to see my ads only in interrupted way. In Windows 10 Notification panel only. I always make sure i click on all ads and open them if i want to - usually - yes i open them all constantly.

But definitely id like to see the not forced choice/ option like it was before.
Not like new one poop up ads where i usually click on new Tab to open bookmarks as i have hidden bookmarks to show me more screen on my 15" Laptop. ;//

Id like to have options like before.
As same on Android i like new feature with verified my PC account and synchronized it with wallet.
But Poop ups in New tab panel on Windows 10 are bit too much GUYS !!! especially for someone who is opening new tab to open bookmarks :(:frowning:

You can drag it to a different location.

What you’re seeing is a custom ad notification which we’re experimenting with. They’ve been enabled on Nighty channel for some time now via Griffin. There’s several platforms like Win 7 that don’t support native ad notifications so we pushed so those platforms would start using custom ad notifications. However, we ran into a few bugs so reverted the change on last weekend via

There’s more information re: what happened via the following:

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@kamil Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for clarifying this. I was also confused by it, although I am a mobile user.


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