BRAVE: PLEASE HELP. Payments seem messed up. Losing faith

I used Brave for most of March and April, however, I can’t make sense of my payments in Uphold. Here’s a rundown:

On March 16, I received 18 BAT, not sure for when because it doesn’t say (confusing)
On April 7, I received 24 BAT which says it was for “March ads payout”… yet…
… the Brave Browser tells me I earned 35 BAT in March from ads… (so where’s the extra 11?)
On May 10, I received 2 BAT again for an unknown period (confusing)

So… where is all the bat for April? Of course, I can’t go back and check, because it’s not listed in the browser. I simply says I don’t have any activity for April or May.

Honestly… I’m so lost… What is going on here???

I also don’t know where to go for help… Having to post a message on this message board which I had to Google to get to… The whole system is seeming pretty shady at this point to be honest. Looking for help, Brave. Hoping (foolishly?) that someone responds…

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Why so desperate & anxious, at least you got some, there are many got nothing for months still waiting,
I think Brave is rolling out payouts in parts,
it’s a free Money enjoy whatever you Got till now !

True! Its free money.

Payouts are currently in progress, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please see this thread for updates - May 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status - #3 by steeven. Please do not send a DM with your information until after payments have finished processing.

Thank you for your patience!