Brave pending rewards were reduced overnight

Hi, this is the third time I recogniced that the BAT amount from my Brave Rewards was reduced overnight. Since this happened twice bevor I regularily make screen shorts to prove it.

Image A shows Brave Rewards bevor reduction with more than 5.2 BAT.
Image B shows Brave Rewards today in the morning after reduction with about 1.7 BAT.
Image C shows wallet bevor reduction.
Image D shows wallet after reduction to state no transaction was made.

My questions:

  • What happend to the ≈ 3.5 BAT?
  • Is there any chance to get them back?

Brave Version 1.24.82 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)
Win 10 64 Bit

Thanks Arne

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Link account again to easy send you

16 bat already given

What do you mean with “Link account again”?
Yes 16 BAT are already given. But what does that have to do with the fact that BAT from the pending Brave Rewards vanish over night???

You say not received in uphold yes

I try to clear again and received in my wallet

Contrive me to my channel golden Sparrow meditation bat in my wallet I send you

No it is not about the uphold transactions. They did not come since march. But that is another issue. It is about reduction of BAT in the PENDING BRAVE REWARTS as written.

About 3.5 BAT vanished over night and I can prove it. I do not understand anything you write. Maybe you are joking. Are you an official brave guy or someone who can really help?

Yes I am using Brave april brave pay me

even my rewards were reduced today. @steeven

My rewards were reduced today.

My BAT rewards were also reduced yesterday… just gone. It’s really discouraging for ua new users, like how can I trust or rely on Brave if things like this happen to a lot of people?

It happened to me as well, no official response from Brave on the thread I started, no response to a direct msg to steeven.
I don’t think its a scam, just a poorly operated company. Maybe they just aren’t scaled up for the amount of users they have, but its all a guess on my part. At this point I use the browser because it is good for some things but I don’t take what they say about rewards seriously.

my may rewards were reduced to .250 brave, which has made me quite upset. i was recommending brave to alot of people, but now i would not. if they cant pay out the show rewards i wills top using them.

My rewards show more then what I hold on uphold. It is not the same. Please advice.

@steeven I have got some friends to use Brave. But they quit after their balances were reduced to NONE. Mine was also reduced a few days ago. You really need to emphasize on this.

Still no response from the company, I’ve since stopped using the browser because this is sad.

My estimated rewards never reset after last payment, maybe you guys just had last payment finally deducted from total estimated, seems last payment is being randomly deducted from estimated rewards or in my case still not deducted as I still currently have total estimated rewards from last month and this month

Just had the same issue, my rewards last month were paid only at 0.25 even though I had more than 1. It then kept accumulating and not basically halved to 0.65…

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