Brave Payments: Smaller monthly pledge options needed



As the price of BAT has more than doubled recently (to more than $10 for 25 BAT), it is absolutely essential that smaller monthly pledge options be made available. 12.5 BAT per month – and even 6.25 BAT per month – would be appropriate additions to the list.

Personally, I am willing to contribute $4 or $5 per month to Brave Software and to my favorite websites, but not $10.

I recently converted some money to 25 BAT to fill my Brave Wallet…when the price was around $5. But if the price remains near (or above) $10 for the foreseeable future and no smaller payment options are added to the list, then I’ll have to start skipping payments every other month to keep my original $5-per-month pledge in line.

Please add these extra options to the Brave Payments feature as soon as you can. Thanks.


Completely agree with this


@DiscoProJoe and @macalex

We have a request logged for setting your budget manually. I think this would solve what you are looking for. Do you agree?

This is the issue (note it was originally written when we had the BTC proof of concept wallet, but it is still valid with the BAT wallet I believe):



Yes … exactly what I would like to do
Thanks for the info


Great, thanks for reviewing that @macalex - I’ll add a +1 to the issue.



Sounds good, yes. If I can manually enter an amount of BAT that’s close to $5 when adding funds to my Brave Wallet each month, then that’d be great.

This way, I won’t have to worry about the price volatility of BAT.



Great, thanks @DiscoProJoe. I’ll add your +1 to the logged issue.


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