Brave Payments screen is shown incorrect conversion rate for BAT


The Brave Payments screen is showing that a 25 BAT contribution would be $137552. A bit over my monthly budget! A recent quote on Bittrex for BAT is 0.00051038 ETH which is equal to about $0.15, making the value of 25 BAT $3.75.

Apparently the conversion formula used on the Payments screen is incorrect. What is going to happen if I make a deposit in ETH or BTC? Is the system going to convert my deposit to the correct number of BAT?


The problem was corrected when I followed these instructions found to create a wallet address, which are found here Cannot create wallet.


This issue is being addressed and should be fixed by this issue


The problem is gone. I had another problem where I did not have a wallet address. Once I corrected the wallet address problem by deleting the ledger files and then re-opening the browser the conversion rate was correct

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