Brave payments not working properly - 02.04.18

  1. I’ve transferred several amounts to the BRAVE wallet by adding funds and I’m never quite sure it’s added. Just now I did a transfer and watched the progress. It was completed 10 minutes ago but the amount does not reflect in the payments tab.

  2. The “include” UI toggles in the table no longer work properly and haven’t for a week or so now.

  3. Why are names and sites like Google, eBay showing up if I’ve previously suggested they not be included? Can we not get a method of ensuring certain sites are NEVER, EVER paid by the BRAVE wallet?

  4. Sometimes while in preferences the BRAVE payments section will be turned off. Sometimes it corrects itself by moving through some of the other tabs, other times I’ve had to switch the toggle back to “on”


I suggested exactly the same thing of 3. and you sort of renounced it:) Exclude Google, Amazon, Facebook, .gov and similar minded entities from about:preferences#payments

  1. I’m sorry for not responding to that previous thread after you expanded your thoughts and others responded but I do agree with your question I was simply asking you to consider other peoples user journeys or dependencies on those services and the outcome of the actions.

  2. What may not be clear here is that in no.2 I’m not asking BRAVE to block any of those services or remove them for me. I’m reporting a BUG. I previously used the UI controls to remove eBay and Google but they still came back on the list. Others have reported this BUG in the payments section as well so there’s a distinction between your question and my comment.

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